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AAE Meeting in Denver!

On April 25th, Dr. Choby flew almost 1,700 miles west to Denver, Colorado to attend the annual American Association of Endodontics meeting. This meeting started on April 25th and ended April 28th; while there, Dr. Choby attended many events that has helped increase her knowledge in Endodontics. It also served as continuing education credits. There were many lectures and educational sessions on how to tackle challenges with better, more advance solutions.

Entrance to the Colorado Convention Center.

There were more than 100 sessions where attendees learned how to incorporate the most advanced and most up-to-date technologies in their practices. There were also sessions on how to manage patient pain, how to avoid opioid abuse, how to apply antibiotics in Endodontic patient care and so on. Dr. Choby attended as many sessions as she could while her time in Denver. Since her trip, she’s been applying much of the latest information learned. 

Get together before a lecture on day 2.

One of the many educational sessions held.

Besides the lectures and sessions, there were numerous vendors introducing all the new, wonderful products they had. Such as updated digital x-rays sensors, dental management softwares, materials used in Endodontics and so much more. We’re all about making patients feel comfortable and cared for in our office and we’re also about having the most advanced and latest technology so Dr. Choby invested in new digital x-ray sensor. To make our root canal treatments flow better and it’s a convenience to patients who are sensitive to x-ray sensors going into the mouth.

Some of the many vendors advertising their products.

All work and no play is no fun so Dr. Choby took the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights and attractions that Denver had to offer. She enjoyed doing a bit of shopping and hanging out with friends. In addition to the shopping and sights, Dr. Choby also participated in the 5K run that was held around the Colorado Convention Center in Denver on day 2. There was also a cheerleader from the Denver Broncos football team helping lead the warm-up before the run.

Dr. Choby (in the pink sweater) following the Cheerleader's led.

All things had to come to an end, despite it being a short trip to Denver, Dr. Choby acquired an immense amount of knowledge that has helped our practice to improve and keep improving with our patient care and keep us up-to-date with the innovative technologies the world of dentistry has to offer. Here’s to the next meeting to be held in Montreal, Canada in 2019!

Interested in reading more about the meeting, check out the AAE’s post, click below.

Some of the pictures and the link provided were reproduced with permission from the American Association of Endodontists.


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