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Happy Halloween!

From our office to you, have a fun and safe Halloween! :) 

CBCT Scan: Root Decay Case Study

This patient was sent to this office for a second opinion of tooth 14.  He had been recently seen by another dentist who told him that the palatal canal was calcified and that it could not be treated endodontically. A CBCT was taken to determine whether the palatal canal could be negotiated. The results show an undiagnosed radiolucency mid root and a somewhat patent palatal canal.  In addition, there is a radiopacity within the sinus directly apical to tooth 14 suggesting a sinusitis.

When this area was observed using an explorer, a huge amount of decay was found under the crown.  In addition, tooth 3 had the same decay issue present under that crown too.  The prognosis is poor for tooth 14 and the tooth unfortunately, could not be saved.   

We are proud to share our cases with you. If you have any dental concerns about a tooth you are treating, please give us a call. Let us help you save time and worry. The CBCT is the best way to diagnosis a problem. We are looking forward to serving …