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CBCT Scan: Maxillary Vertical Fracture Case Study

With the Kodak 3-D extra-oral imaging system, it has become easier to diagnosis some of our more complex cases due to it's ability to give us a whole picture of the axial, coronal and sagittal views. Read our case study below to see how our CBCT Scan helped us determine the diagnosis for our patient. 

Case:  A 40 year old male came to the office with pain in the upper left quadrant. The patient could not remember any trauma to this area. A conventional 2-D radiograph was taken but the diagnosis was not clear. A CT scan showed a significant vertical fracture in the mesial buccal root. The prognosis is poor. This is a case where even a root amputation could not be done due to the proximity to the adjacent roots and shape of the tooth. 

If you're in any doubt as to a prognosis for a patient's tooth, please let us help you save a tooth with our Kodak 3-D CBCT Scanner.